Megan and Brian were married this past weekend at beautiful Belfair Plantation. Their ceremony took place on the back lawn, which overlooks the marsh and golf course while the reception took place inside (and out of the cold!) the clubhouse.

Megan and Brian both attended Wake Forest University, but had no idea who the other was until they met studying abroad at Casa Artom in Venice, Italy. Being that their love story started in Italy, they knew they wanted to incorporate this personal touch into their wedding day. They chose a color palette of limoncello yellow, cornflower blue and leaf green and opted for accents of olive leafs and magnolias (the bride’s favorite).

yellow blue wedding color palette

Megan loves magnolias and since the blooms were not in season, A Floral Affair created a similar look by peeling back the petals of the limoncello roses (yes, that’s their actual name…how suitable!).

limoncello rose magnolia

Magnolia bouquet inspiration via Southern Weddings

Megan’s cake was created by Ashlee Perkins of Tier Luxury Cakes. Megan loved the look of hand painted cakes and found this image for her to use as inspiration. You’ll have to scroll down to see how the cake turned out…it was lovely!


from Etsy

And without further adieu, here are the GORGEOUS photos captured by Peachtree Photography of Megan and Brian’s perfect wedding day!

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