I’m sure by now you’ve experienced the dessert bar trend featuring miniature versions of our favorite confections (think mini creme brulee, lollicakes and demitasse spoons). The idea of “miniature desserts” has taken the events industry by storm and can be found at nearly any type of event.

To create a memorable and unique final course, consider these ideas:
  • Tableside Soft-Serve Ice Cream – Made by mixing food-grade powdered dry ice into an ice cream base. It freezes instantly when whipped and becomes soft-serve ice cream! Top it off with sophisticated add-ins such as mini caramel truffles, crunchy cinnamon nougat and brandied fruit.
  • Plated Mini Dessert Trio – Why have one when you can have three?
  • Add a Sparkling Accompaniment to Cake! – Pair a sparkling shooter to your plate of sliced wedding cake in flavors that compliment each other.
  • Add a Touch of Spiciness to Your Dessert – Adding surprising flavor such as chiles, sea salt, wasabi and fresh herbs to sweets such as chocolate or even ice cream creates a unique and sophisticated dessert at a low price. Try items like basil ice cream, tarragon-infused chocolate creme brulee, wasabi creme anglaise or thyme-marinated strawberries.
  • Oh Lolli Lollipop! – Put a twist on the traditional take and offer dessert lollipops. Try cheesecake lollipops (a favorite by all!), cake lollipops or truffle lollipops. They can become a beautiful work of art by adding simple piped details onto the hard chocolate outer shell.

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