When The Knot unveiled their Wedding Trends List for 2011, I was both surprised and excited to see that “Man Caves” was among their top favorite trends for wedding receptions:

“Black jack tables, brandy bars, PlayStations and stogies. The man cave has officially moved from the home to the wedding, so create your own and don’t be surprised if you see all the male wedding guests in the new “groom’s corner” at the reception.”

While I love the idea of incorporating a “Man Cave” into your wedding reception experience, I can’t help but think that when they say, “don’t be surprised if you see all the male wedding guests in the new groom’s corner at the reception,” it’s safe to assume they could easily be there all night! You don’t want them to miss out on all of the festivities and you certainly don’t want to separate the men from their significant others for the entire night.

Below are some alternatives to consider that still keep within the “Man Cave” concept, but incorporates it in such a way that it does not take away from the reception celebration:

  • Consider hiring a professional cigar roller to add that perfect touch to the wedding reception experience. There are several companies that not only provide cigar rollers, but also provide cigar waiters and waitresses who know how to work a room, serving, cutting and lighting cigars for guests. In addition, you could create a customized or personalized cigar band so that the cigars can double as a wedding favor!
  • Consider hosting a whiskey tasting bar! Let’s face it, when it comes to the wedding reception, men do not pay  much attention to details such as floral design or linen selections. What they do pay attention to is the selection of drinks available at the bar so why not offer something unique that will create a lasting impression on your male guests: a whiskey tasting bar. You could have the tasting bar open during the cocktail hour or during another designated part of the evening, but I wouldn’t suggest having it available the entire night for obvious reasons. Hire a whiskey enthusiast to tend the tasting and teach your guests about the various elements of whiskey such as color and flavor. 

  • If you just love the idea of incorporating a poker table or other games into the designated “Man Cave” for your wedding, perhaps you could offer it during a more appropriate time such as the Welcome Party, Post-Reception Party or even the Rehearsal Dinner. You could also set up a “Man Cave” for the groom and groomsmen to enjoy before the ceremony, but save the whiskey tasting bar for later.


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