Before you think about the size and location of your wedding, first sit down with your fiance and dream big. How would you two describe your dream wedding if money was no factor? Close your eyes and take the time to describe what you envision. Use descriptive words such as:

  • Intimate, Elaborate, Elegant, Colorful, Extravagant, Casual, Formal, Simple, Tropical, Romantic, Traditional, Luxurious, Dramatic, Abroad, etc.
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Next pair down your lists into one and then think about what kind of celebration your list describes. Is it geared more towards a small intimate gathering of family and closest friends in an elegant backyard setting or is it described more as a grand party in a large ballroom with your guests dressed in their finest attire? Let the qualities in your list of descriptive words guide your decisions. Your dreams can be adapted to your individual circumstances and budget to create a picture perfect wedding that is uniquely your own.
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