Bon Appetit!! My sweet tooth is in full swing today so I thought I would satisfy my craving (calorie-free!) by providing new inspiration for my favorite course…DESSERT! The long standing trend of dessert buffets and candy bars are still going strong, but to some may feel redundant. If you love the idea of the candy bar and dessert buffet, but want to take a unique approach and surprise your guests with something they haven’t seen done before, you’re sure to get some new ideas here.

A sweet twist on the classic buffet: hand-passing a tray of yummy confections to your guests while they’re dancing the night away! Simply find a large tray with open-hole handles and tie on a long piece of ribbon or thin cut of hemmed fabric to easily transport around. For compartments,  measure the lengths and widths of the tray and cut wood sheets from your local craft store to easily slide inside!

Make these adorable lollipop arrangements for centerpieces at your child’s birthday party or to add some elevation to your sweets bar. To make simply fill small decorative pots with a mountain of loose Rock Candy and arrange handmade lollipops and old fashioned candy sticks inside. 

These desserts by Paper Odd Bird looked too delicious and pretty to not include in my post! LEFT: Cookies and milk (over-used yes, but when presented uniquely like the one pictured below, your guests will be both surprised and delighted!) RIGHT: This beautifully created dessert was crafted to look and taste like a piece of heaven for the sweet-at-heart! 


These hand drawn illustrations were created by food artist Joel Penkman. While you may not be able to eat his beautiful works of art, they certainly inspire your gourmet creativity! Incorporate them into any occasions you’re hosting! For an adult presentation of your homemade popcicles, serve them upside down inside a wine glass filled with 2 oz of Prosecco.
For all of you baseball lovers and sports enthusiasts out there, here is your dessert calling: A sports themed tray of sweet confections that are sure to delight any sports fan…even in the off season! This can also be a cute alternative to the traditional groom’s cake!
Truffle lover? So am I. Your guests will love opening up a colorful box of these gourmet confections with a sweet saying underneath each compartment!
Peanut Butter, Marshmallow and Honey were combined to create Elvis’ favorite sandwich. This strangely delicious concoction has inspired the creation of many other recipes, including this Elvis Whoopie Pie! The chocolate glaze adds a touch of sophistication to the childhood favorite and you can get the complete recipe here!
These mini chocolate-dipped ice cream cones look like the perfect ending to a fun-filled evening of dancing and celebrating! I just love that yet another childhood favorite has been redesigned and commercialized to look sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy even at the swankiest of parties! I’m sure the kids will enjoy them just as much if you decide to serve them alongside birthday cake!
Fresh fruit tartlets displayed on fabric-covered foam board inside shallow white crates make the perfect dessert showcase for any party!
Individually packages macaroons are sweet, but wrap them in decorative paper folded to create the perfect pocket for a personalized note or scrolled saying and these edible favors are taken to a new level!
The lollipop arrangement and candy display takes be back to my childhood days of playing Candy Land every day and it never getting old! Find various shapes of clear glass vases or apothecary jars and fill with each one with monochromatically colored candy. Try sticking to just two colors overall, but try different shades! 
Hopefully you have some new ideas to satisfy your guest’s tummies for your next wedding or special occasion!! Bon Appetit!
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