Photo by Jose Villa Photography

Rectangular Tables are Ideal in Spaces with:
  • High Ceilings
  • Tall Windows
  • Massive Floor Space
  • Any room that needs to be filled
  1. Tall Centerpieces – Break up the length of the table by incorporating a few tall centerpieces on each table. In between the tall centerpieces, use a long, narrow and short arrangement intermixed with candles. If your space allows, you can suspend an object over the center of the table to bring the eye upwards, as in the picture above.
  2. Table Runners – Elongate your table by utilizing décor down the center of the table. Table runners are the best way to add interest to your tables. Use bright, bold patterns over a simple tablecloth or, as pictured above, use a simple runner over a beautifully reclaimed wood table. 
  3. Disburse Color Properly – Long tables have a lot of space to fill and can easily become overloaded with too many colors. Avoid this by using accent hues in a couple strategic locations such as chair cushion covers, table runner and the menu card.
  4. Accent the Shape of the Table – Use square plates and chargers to make a subtle point with its sharp sides. The shape mimics the table and creates a beautifully uniform look.

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