These adorable and oh-so-practical MessageTiles and PlaceTiles provide a gift solution that is elegant, stylish and best of all, reusable!

These erasable ceramic bottle stoppers can not only be used as a gift to cork olive oils, wines, vinegars, etc., they can also double as a place card at your next event! They’re made of erasable ceramic, which makes it easy to write and erase any message and at $12.99 for a set of 3, they’re easy on the wallet too!

Dress up your buffets with these adorable signs that can be used again and again even after the event is over! They make a great registry gift if I must say so myself!
CheeseTiles, $29.95 for set of 4
Use for marking cheeses, desserts or as a name card in potted herbs or succulents!

PlaceTiles, $42.95 for set of 6
Great for place cards, buffet signs, picture captions and more!

MessageTiles, $29.95 each
Great for writing menus, instructions, thank you message and more!

MessageTile Vase, $34.95 each
Great for centerpieces, dessert buffet menus or setting on the bar to note specialty cocktail choices!

HangOver PlaceTile, $24.95 for Set of 3
Use for labeling wine, liquor, dressings on buffet or as a place card on your wine split favors!

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