The process starts with conceptualizing a design based on the bride and groom’s style, personality and likes/dislikes. Our bride and groom this past weekend shared an overall appreciation for the art of wedding design and the modernization it portrays today. They wanted  a look that was fresh and unique, but kept within the traditional taste of wedding design.

The wedding took place at the bride’s mom’s house, which held a special place in their hearts as a couple. The lawn was canopied in beautiful mossy oaks and featured two perfect areas for the ceremony and reception to take place. When I first saw the space, I knew it would be perfect for the vision we had. From there, I started to sketch out the possibilities and came up with this:

…which translated into this:

The reception took place under a clear canopy tent, which allowed the illumination of the full moon and stars to create a truly romantic atmosphere for the evening. The day was perfect…73 degrees was the high, 58 degrees the low. The sky was crystal clear without a trace of clouds all day. As the day turned into night, the most beautiful full moon came out to say hello and send it’s blessings to the bride and groom.

The bride and groom’s color palette consisted of ivory, apple green and slate black.  They wanted an intimate and romantic setting, which was easy to accomplish with a group of 68. We setup two long family style dinner tables with a lounge area and dance floor in the middle. This allowed everyone to be part of the party, even if they were viewing from the sidelines.

The tables featured reclaimed wood planks as the table runners, which provided the perfect touch of rusticness the bride and groom were looking for. The flower arrangements were provided by A Floral Affair.

The ceremony was located on the same lawn, but was separated from the reception space with high flowering bushes and mossy oaks. We built the canopy below for the wedding ceremony, which the couple wanted to be “soft and romantic.”

Helping our couples create a look that is unique and symbolic of their taste and style is such a fun challenge for me as a planner/designer. There is no greater reward for the hard work done than seeing the smiles on their faces when it all comes to life. Congratulations Shana and Chris!! We can’t wait to see the pictures from Photography by Anne!

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