Emma Grace – 9 mos

Every afternoon, my 9 month old accompanies me to check the mail. She loves to pull open the mailbox door to see something new each time. Her favorite is when there is a padded envelope for her to crinkle and pop. She also loves the brightly colored flyers that typically get tossed in the trash.

Yesterday, however, it was my heart that skipped a beat when her little hands reached up to pull open the door. Propped up inside the mailbox was a big bright white envelope with the most beautiful hand-inked calligraphy I’ve ever seen. There is something so elegant about using the good old fashioned ink-dipped pens for today’s mail. It usually means something very special is inside!


Traci Green is a calligrapher based out of Murrels Inlet, SC and serves the entire Lowcountry areas for everything from invitations and place cards to chalk board and mirror art. Inside the envelope Traci sent me were several works of art from her collection. The invitation is letter-pressed from her hand-drawn design and is simply remarkable.



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