I’ll admit it, I can’t help but read all of the silly someecards that my friends post on Facebook and Pinterest. Sometimes they’re a little out of line, but a lot of times they mirror my life both professionally and personally. I came across this one yesterday and couldn’t help but share with y’all because, once again, I literally laughed out loud…


When you’re getting dolled up for the most exciting day of your life, neither you nor anyone in your family or wedding party should have to worry about anything except relaxing and taking in each and every moment. You shouldn’t have to think about what’s going on with your vendors and how setup is coming along.

Our job as wedding planners is to absorb the responsibility of making sure everything falls into place flawlessly. While every wedding is bound to have unexpected situations arise, if you have the right wedding planner, you will never know about these shortfalls unless it’s absolutely urgent.

What is most important to you on your wedding day? Will you have a planner by your side?

Happy Planning Y’all!


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