One trend that isn’t going away any time soon is the signature cocktail. This specialty drink is typically concocted from the bride and groom’s favorite libations. Since there are already a zillion blog posts out there with recipes for signature cocktails, I thought I would take a different angle and talk about some creative ways to present the beverage to your wedding guests.

When determining your signature cocktail, I think we can all agree that taste is most important.  Equally as important however is the beauty in the details that accompany that beverage. You want to ignite your guest’s taste buds before they even put the glass to their lips. This is where color (think garnishes and ingredients), textures (as in the napkins or style container they’re served in) and even elevations (stir sticks and sprigs of fresh herbs) all come into play.

Since your signature cocktail will likely be butler passed as guests enter cocktail hour, this is your opportunity to not only show gracious hospitality, but also make an impact with the first impression of the party. Here I share some of my favorite ideas to accomplish this:

1. Have Servers Pass on Unique Accents – Think Beautiful Trays, Vintage Mirrors, Chalkboards, Cutting Boards or Small Window Panes. Look around your house at what you already have and be inspired.

2. Garnish Creatively – I love that this bride chose to garnish with a rock candy stick! It’s fun, colorful and will surely pull out a child-like smile in everyone.

3. Adding Fresh Ingredients = COLOR! – The spring of fresh rosemary that accompanies this drink looks fresh, delicious, colorful and complete!! I think every week should end with one of these on Friday afternoons.


4. Make It Personal – Have your mixologist cut your initial from fruit. Melons are the easiest to accomplish this with. Personalized stir sticks are another idea that I just adore! We can’t forget those sweet little cocktail napkins too. Go for personalizing ones with a pattern on them! 

5. For the DIYer – This cute little stir stick is so easy to make at home! Simply place a wooden stir stick from your grocery store between two stickers and TA-DA! 


Photo by Nancy Gould

6. Brand Your Wedding Drink – If you’ve hired a talented graphic artist to create all of the printed items for your wedding, go ahead and add signage for your beverages as well as stir sticks and cocktail napkins. You’re already having them create a custom monogram or motif for your invitations and programs so go ahead and pull your wedding “logo” into your signature drinks as well!

7. Add Edible Flowers – Chef’s use them to garnish plates so why not do the same for your drink! It’s the perfect little gem for a simple cocktail that needs a punch of color.


8. Consider What Kind of Container It’ll Be Served In – If you’re trying to think outside of the mason jar box, you’ll love this idea! Use beautiful mini bottles to serve your little drink! It won’t be enough to quench your thirst, but it will work perfectly alongside a perfectly paired hors d’oeuvre!


9. Add Color to a Clear Cocktail by Rimming the Glass with Colored Sugar

10. When In Doubt, Just Add A Sprig!


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