Etiquette 101 Engagement Party

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My fiancé and I got engaged over the holiday season and our friends have asked us when the engagement party will be. Who typically hosts the engagement party? Is there any special protocol for this type of celebration that we should keep in mind?

Traditionally, the bride-to-be’s parents will host the engagement party; however, in today’s world, it’s very common for the groom’s family or even friends to host this celebration.  If families live in different parts of the country, it may be decided to host separate parties.

Cocktail parties and dinners are amongst the most popular type of celebration, but there are no rules so have fun and get creative!

It can be hard to decide who to invite to the party so it is usually kept to just family and close friends. Remember it is generally thought of as poor taste to invite someone to the engagement party and not to the wedding itself. If you’re having a destination wedding, this does not apply as your guests will be happy to celebrate with you in person since they will not expect to be at the wedding.

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