In ancient times, brides would carry bouquets comprised of garlic, herbs and spices thought to ward off evil spirits (and even the Plague!).  Luckily for today’s brides, these bouquets have evolved into full on floral mode!  However, some brides like to break today’s tradition completely and opt for a hands-free bouquet alternative.  Below are 6 unique head to toe options we have found to carrying your flowers down the aisle:

1.  Floral Crown – Popular with boho chic, vintage, and outdoorsy brides, the flower crown keeps the floral element going long after a bride has completed her walk down the aisle.  Like a traditional bouquet, most flower crowns can be customized to include specific flowers, colors, and sizes.

flower crown

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2.  Floral Wrap – Drape yourself like the Greek and Romans did in ancient times with a garland of flora and foliage around your neck.  This ancient tradition was thought to symbolize new life, hope and fertility.

flower wrap

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3.  Wrist Corsage – Who says they are for the moms only?  A smaller version of a bouquet that you can wear all night long, free up your hands by electing a floral corsage to adorn your wrist.

bridal corsage, wrist corsage, flower alternative

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4.  Flower Belt – Like a flower crown, but for your waist!  Dress up your dress with a pretty arrangement of flowers instead of a sparkly or beaded sash.  This doubles not only as an accessory but also as a floral component.

flower belt

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5.  Ankle Corsage – If you’re opting for a short dress on your wedding day, try a new spin on the traditional wrist corsage and wear it on your ankle!

ankle corsage

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 6.  Shoulder Strap – Have a strapless gown?  Talk with your florist and seamstress about creating a one-of-a-kind floral strap for your dress!

flower strap, gown, bouquet alternative

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