Every little girl dreams about her wedding day and this weekend, those dreams started for my 3 year old daughter. We were wedding dress shopping for my sister-in-law and this little cutie wanted to tag along for the fun. As my sis came out of the dressing room in the most amazing gowns, my sweet girl’s face lit up as if she were meeting her favorite Disney princess for the first time. My sis stood in front of the mirror admiring the intricate details of each dress while baby bug slowly and carefully circled her in sheer delight and amazement.

As we got through a few dresses, my little darling finally did what I expected any little girl to do – she asked me if she could try one on. It was in that moment that I knew her wedding dreams had begun. I explained to her how special one’s wedding day is and assured her that one day (in many many years!) she too will find her prince charming and get to wear one of these beautiful ivory gowns to her very own ball.

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