You know that feeling you get when you check into a really swanky hotel and see the lavish amenity basket in the bathroom? Ahhhh, now that’s hospitality! Well, why not give your wedding guests that same experience?

One small and easily overlooked wedding detail is a restroom amenity basket filled with mini toiletries and other items that may come in use for your guest’s comfort throughout your wedding. Often displayed in restrooms and created to suite each gender, the baskets include everything from hair ties to blister control. The cost is typically around $100-$125.

Wondering what you should buy? Here are some recommendations:


Baskets come in many shapes and sizes. Stick to something smaller in size so as to not take up unnecessary counter space. I love utilizing sweetgrass baskets, which are made locally here in Charleston, SC. Sweetgrass basketmaking has been around for over 300 years and and is a Gullah traditional art form, passed down from generation to generation. They’re great for flower girl baskets as well! You can buy them here.

Charleston Sweetgrass Basket for Wedding

What to Include:

Here are some of my top recommendations of things to include in your wedding amenity basket for guests to use. The items that have “x2” indicate you should buy two, one for the men’s basket and one for the women’s basket.

Wedding Amenity Basket Checklist

Wedding Party Gift Ideas:

Speaking of toiletry bags, how about monogramming one for your wedding party and filling it with useful goodies? This is both a practical and thoughtful gift that will endure years of good use.

Bridesmaid groomsmen toiletry gifts

Left Etsy // Right Etsy

Until next time, Happy Planning!

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